Board of Trustees

Get to know the Board Members who are currently serving:

Allison Harvey, Board President


Term Expires: 2024

Volunteering my time and assisting my community is in my blood. Since I was 9 years old I have made community service a priority in my life and it is my honor to be able to give back to our community and our school district in the capacity of a Trustee for Placer Hills Union School District. I am a product of this district, starting first at Placer Hills School and then attending Weimar Hills School. After graduating from Colfax High School I went on to get a bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism from University of Nevada, Reno and my doctorate in law from McGeorge School of Law. Currently I have my own law practice in Auburn, California and am on or have been on the board of numerous non profit and community organizations such as the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, the Auburn Ski Club, Placer Hills Education Foundation (PHEF) and The Ripple Effect.

When my husband and I were choosing where we wanted to live and raise our children I was drawn to the beautiful community where I had thrived. We chose to live in this district and moved our children from the charter school they attended so they could attend schools in the same district where I had gone to school. The schools were a large factor in our decisions when we chose to move. I understand the importance of having a fiscally sound and academically strong school system. I am constantly impressed by our teachers and staff in the district. I am always interested in learning more from our community members and the parents and to learn different perspectives of those affected by the decisions our board makes. I am dedicated to doing what I can to make our schools the best they can be and strengthening our community while doing it.

Kristen Cannarozzi, Board Clerk


Term Expires: 2022

Dr. Joyce Bradshaw


Term Expires: 2022

Educating children well is a powerful force to make the future brighter. As a school board volunteer I strive to help the Placer Hills School District implement innovative ways to educate our children better. I value most our dedicated teachers who know and care about all of their students and challenge them to discover daily and to love learning.

I am a native Californian who went to public schools. I graduated from Harvard in 1986 with a degree in economics. I graduated from Washington University School of Medicine in 1992 and completed my residency in pediatrics at Washington University in Seattle in 1996. I moved to Auburn in 1997 and began my practice in primary care pediatrics.

I met my husband of 30 years, Bart Bradshaw, in college and we married before we started medical school together. We have 4 children who graduated from Weimar Hills and then attended Colfax High. These schools provided a solid educational foundation for my children who have gone onto great colleges after graduation. It is my pledge to help our schools grow even stronger.

Glenn Pierce


Term Expires: 2022

Meadow Vista is very similar to Nederland, Colorado, where I grew up. As a parent, I appreciate what our community has to offer and feel grateful to be able to serve as a school board member.

The quality of education, community involvement, and overall experiences my kids have benefited from in our district and at Colfax H.S. have been exceptional. My oldest son started in 2nd grade at Sierra Hills, continued through Weimar, Colfax High School, and is now working towards a Computer Science degree at UCSC. My middle son is now a Senior at Colfax High School after attending Sierra Hills and Weimar and is now researching universities and is in college-prep mode. My daughter is in 8th grade at Weimar and thriving. My son was fully prepared academically to attend a UC school, and all three kids have been able to enjoy sports, music, art, and leadership opportunities.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Colorado in Boulder, I moved to Santa Monica, California where I met my wife Darci. We both grew our careers in the entertainment industry, my focus being business management, handling finances for high profile clients (actors, directors, producers, rockstars). While working full time, I went back to school to earn my MBA from Pepperdine University.

After our 2nd son was born, we made the bold decision to leave L.A., our careers and extended family, relocate to Auburn and open our own business, The Little Gym in Rocklin, a children’s gymnastics and sports development program which we ran for 11 years. Ultimately we bought our house in Meadow Vista in 2005, had our third child (daughter this time) and have called it home ever since.

Once the business was up and running, I went back into the corporate world where I now work as Vice President of Finance and Treasurer.

As a board member with my children almost out of the district, my focus is on long-term goals and continuing to move the district forward in a positive direction.

Ray Lawrence


Term Expires: 2022

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