Board Goals

Placer Hills Union School District's Board Goals for 2020-2021

Goal # 1: Environment for Learning - Enhance student learning environments & increase student & staff safety

  • Continue to maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff by updating and refining the District Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) to create a new baseline.

  • Based on the FIT report campuses will be maintained.

  • Based on ERATE grants, upgrades to infrastructure will occur.

  • Based on analysis of Tech ticket system need to respond to staff technology needs will improve.

    1. Zero Williams Compliance complaints.

    2. E-rate Category 1 to be completed and Category 2 phase 1 complete

    3. BIIG monitor grant progress

    4. Implement the District Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) to create a baseline of facilities needs for maintaining sites

    5. Decrease the number of tech tickets by 20% with new and improved technology infrastructure.

    6. Teachers all have updated computers and classroom technology.

    7. All classrooms have safety door magnets installed.

Goal # 2: Student Achievement: Maximize the Performance of Each Student in All Academic Areas - All students will receive high quality instruction in pursuing California State Adopted Standards from high quality teachers in 21st century classrooms.

  • The District's core mission is to dedicated to educating students to become contributing, global citizens in the 21st Century. In order to continue fulfilling this core mission, we will completely transition to the new California State Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.

  • Furthermore, we will need to continue developing the effectiveness of instructional practices and programs to serve the needs of diverse learners.

    1. Provide and maintain high quality administrators, teachers, and classified support staff who deliver a broad course of study to all students in the Placer Union School District.

    2. Provide Professional Development for implementation of instructional practices that strengthen academic rigor for student which will increase the depth of knowledge and work on higher order thinking skills.

    3. New Instructional Materials for Elementary Reading Programs

    4. On-going Instructional Materials, Books and Supplies

    5. Committed Funds for Adoption of Instructional Materials, Professional Development and Technology - Next Generation Science Standards

    6. Increase and refine Universal screeners for ELA and Math

Goal # 3: Provide Targeted Instruction for Interventions & Enrichment

  • Students will receive sufficient and appropriate tiered supports that promote and sustain their positive social/emotional development that enable them to learn and thrive in their classrooms.

    1. On-campus: 3 days a week School Psychologist/Counselor

    2. Projected growth on CAASPP and CELDT reclassification rates

    3. Provide Professional Development for implementation of tiered enrichment and academic rigor for student which will increase the depth of knowledge and work on higher order thinking skills.

    4. Provide Professional Development for the implementation of tiered interventions and academic support to help teachers provide support to struggling students.

    5. English Language certificated services and program support

    6. Para-educator services for small group instruction, intervention and academic support.

    7. Before and/or after school program to provide student intervention and academic support.

    8. Increase and support Co-curricular Activities, including, band, music, choir, and art.

    9. Research adding additional language class to curriculum

Goal # 4: Strengthen Community & Social Relations

  • Increase Parent and Student engagement/Involvement to increase student achievement and connection with their schools.

  • Schools and Districts have a core responsibility to support the development of students into socially responsible citizens of tomorrow and to ensure they have the skills necessary to lead a healthy and enriched life.

    1. Curriculum and Instruction Parent Forums for continuing to educate parents about the State Standards, Curriculum adoptions, and ways parents can support their children at home.

    2. Enhance websites and parent portals to keep parents and community informed.

    3. Support improved attendance programs

    4. Investigate and implement programs and initiatives that support positive school climate & safety

    5. Parental /Community input will be solicited through questions and surveys through Walkhomes, DAC, and Board Meetings

    6. Celebrate school success: Academic, Attendance, Behaviors via CARE and Owl Cards, Assemblies, and classroom recognition

    7. Buddy Program between SHS and WHS

    8. Support Music and enrichment programs

    9. Support before and after school programs

Placer Hills Union School District

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