About Us

The Placer Hills Union School District serves its students by providing them with a dedicated instructional and caring staff. The District focus has been on staff development giving the teachers the tools they need to address excellence in math and English Language Arts, use of technology in the classrooms and supporting students through a multi-tiered system of support for both academics and social-emotional needs. Additionally, PHUSD's efforts have been concentrated on building a technological infrastructure that is capable of handling one-to-one computing in the classrooms. Students are also served with enrichment programs within the day, such as Spanish, Music and Multimedia classes. After school programs designed to help with academic needs as well as enrichment opportunities are also offered such as athletics, robotics and the music program, Rockestra. The Placer Hills Union School District objective is to give every student a well-rounded education where they can grow and thrive to be strong independent learners.

Placer Hills Union School District

16801 Placer Hills Rd. Meadow Vista, CA 95722

Phone: (530) 878-2606, Fax: (530) 878-2663